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Inventory Building




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At our Cactus Valley 1 development, in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, we offer a World Class Building, with an intelligent and sustainable design that allows the installation of projects tailored to the needs of the building's occupant so that the aspects and designs of the Base Building construction can still be built to suit, for example: the thickness and characteristics of the floor of the production area, fire safety system, air change system (HVAC), electrical systems and the size and characteristics of the offices and service rooms needed, loading and unloading platforms with the possibility of the Cross Dock system

  • With a New Generation of World Class Industrial Parks, our Inventory Buildings are Type "A", those are built according to the most demanding specifications and requirements of the industry, in addition complying with the Official Mexican Standards on this matter.

  • The buildings have a steel structure and precast walls that provide versatility to adjust to the needs of our clients.

  • We implement the advantages of Industry 4.0, with the vision of building resilient and safe facilities, focused on energy and technological efficiency, respecting the environmental impact, which is why we are an Industrial Park certified as a Green Industry, by the Coahuila State.

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